Telling your Truths


The first breath out of a baby’s mouth is often a cry; This is our first form of communication.  As we grow, our words take shape, and They begin to tell your perspective and your truths.

Anyone of any age can be a storyteller; We can say what makes us sad or happy or what we see in fruition, or what is missing. A personal story can never be right or wrong; It may only demonstrate the need for growth or a need to slow down to see our Mother’s beauty. 

Yakowennahskats: Her beautiful voice is a media platform that aims to allow people to enjoy telling their stories.

We want to hear from Onkwehonwe living in any environment (City or rural) of all ages.

Tell it from your words and perspective, We can edit for clarity and grammar, but publication is based on your input and feedback. 

With that being said, we are now ready to accept stories, but this is an open-door policy, so it’s going to be available when you’re ready.  is a 100% Kanyankehaka owned (Family tree available upon request)  and operated business situated on the Haldimand Tract as Identified in the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 and the ancient Beaver Bowl that was in existence long before 1701.  

Additionally,10% of any financial earnings will be returned to the Ohsweken community for any causes that promote Peace, Power and Righteousness. 

We firmly believe in supporting our communities and are working on drafting Onkwehonwe grassroots storytelling initiatives once we are able to. Onkwehonweneha preferred, but experienced-based grassroots education will do, (BYOE=Bring your own equipment)

Like all media companies, we have limitations; We cannot break any personal privacy parameters or cause a direct endangerment to anyone. 

We ask if it is not a story that has not been passed through the family and/or community to please provide appropriate links with the story. We will not be serving to cancel culture but encourage that business to be put into their respective clan families’ wells.

Some topics we are interested in (Not limited to): Land, Water, Uplifting your community, History, Cooking, Health and wellness. 

Politics- Reserved for Rotinohsonni communities only on this page.