Canada condemns China’s genocidal policies; refuses to look in their backyard.


Canada’s attempt to shame China only places the spotlight on its treatment of Onkwehon: we.


While a Canadian House of Commons Subcommittee on International Human Rights refused to acknowledge its acts of genocide towards Onkwehon: we who have existed on these lands for thousands of years.

They had the nerve to release a scathing report on China’s treatment of ethnic Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims. 

The Sub-committee is composed of all three major Canadian political parties. Felt that the list of reports satisfied that the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment met the guidelines of genocide as laid out in the Geneva Convention for genocide prevention signed in 1948 and enacted in 1951.


Original statement: STATEMENT BY THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNING THE HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION OF UYGHURS AND OTHER TURKIC MUSLIMS IN XINJIANG, CHINA  released October 21st, 2020, is now in the spotlight and calls into question the “good guy” persona Canada play on the world stage.

The committee further points out the use of birth control on women of childbearing age while refusing to acknowledge Canada’s Indigenous women’s forced sterilization.


In the face of acquittal after the acquittal of the perpetrators of murders of Indigenous people, MMIW, Wellness checks gone wrong, Serial murders going undetected despite mountains of evidence, Apprehension of children from hospital rooms,… Be careful, Canada; your hypocrisy is showing. 

The condemnation of mass incarceration centers for forcible political indoctrination and skills training sound eerily similar to the Canadian Correctional facilities that house staggering amounts of Onkwehon: we more now than any other time in history

Canadian law enforcement officers belonging to the Ontario Provincial Police attempted to remove Onkwehonwe forcefully from a land-back resistance in Ontario, Canada; This happening just before releasing the report.

As a result of this arrest, the Judge presiding over the matter declined to allow an Onondaga man’s participation in a judicial proceeding where he is explicitly named

Photo credit: S.Antone

In a bold move, and with a clear plan to silence and repress not only an Oneida Onkwehonwe media journalist breaking through into mainstream; but the Ontario Provincial Police issued and carried out several warrants for an Independent Mohawk Journalist ironically within their ancestral territory.

And just so we don’t get it twisted as an Onkwehon: we reporter, I condemn all forms of genocide from all settler-colonial states that have interfered with traditional lifeways – from Canada to China and everywhere in between. (Description of writer’s eyes: Glares to the North and South of the Canadian States). 

It looks Like Canada’s Dirty secrets are about to hit the World Stage.