POt Shots or POT Shops?

Unknown Six Nations police officer

Federal Reserve No. 40 – May 13/2021

An Onkwehonwe grassroots group of community members appear to be engaging in the very profitable hot marijuana market while facing the 3rd incident involving police in just the first half of May. It is unknown if the cannabis products or any other samples obtained have violated any Canadian or Onkwehonwe Principles at this time due to active investigation. 

The raid from May 3rd hit close to home with Onkwehonwe over child safety issues, according to Six Nations police media release. The importance of protecting our children in the community has long resonated with Onkwehonwe as a responsibility that remains with clan families historically and later as a community.

Hodenushonnees, Haudenosaunee and Hodi:noshoni statements re: Cannabis

This concern only widens with the potential of external legal dispensaries selling to community members who sell similar eye-catching candy to community members who potentially face arrests for trying to smuggle legal products into the Onkwehonwe communities. 

The implications of actual regulation of reserve boundaries may infringe on one’s allowances in homes that children only visit on occasion, even if they are well hidden and out of reach of children.

Six Nations Police Media Statements

The May 3rd raid involved a  64-year-old Grandmother whose safety was confirmed immediately after online reports were made. Due to the nature of the experience and without knowing the impacts of any transgenerational trauma this elder may have experienced, No comment has been requested.

Six Nations Cannabis Commission has not yet released an official statement on their page however have shared  Donna Duric’s article shared from the Brantford Expositor from May 5th 

Six Nations Elected Council Media Statement

Six Nations Elected Council Press Release

The chair of the Six Nations Cannabis Commission and Haudenosaunee cultural interpreter   Nahnda Garlow has not replied to media requests made on May 3rd for comment. 

At this point in Onkwehonwe history, Accountability and transparency must remain consistent with all elements of our Matrilineal Society.


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