Onkwehonweneha: A new gardener’s guide to survival?


Onkwehonwe neha is in the way we garden and how we put seeds into the ground so that we…

To ensure that every intention you have when placing the seeds into the soil is focused on feeding not only your own family but those that may stop by when they are hungry.

Remember that the seeds like to listen to your beautiful words about sharing. The way you intend to welcome all visitors to your table should they arrive hungrily or worn.

To recall the story of how the Bear Clan received its medicine when the one who balances us arrived in the body of a man at their home.

To recall the way Onkwehonwe gardens share their foods; grown from the seeds that have been inherited from one generation through the next generation.

The way to garden is to put seeds in the soil.

This is our way; sing to them, plant them, grow them and share them.