Seriously what does an “Injunction” mean?

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If you’re like me and words like “injunction” of matters outside of the Kayanerekowa may not make as much sense as it does within the Canadian legal system. 

To some Kanyenkehaka, the Injunction is simply manipulating the Indian act and utilized to continue the land grabs. 

Developers, Acting on the presumption that Onkwehonwe Land will be surrendered anyway, have been given the green light to expand the boundaries of towns in and surrounding the Haldimand Tract. 

Buying or Selling

Accessed on Six Nations  land claims

The Haudenosaunee Development Institute mentions their concerns for the 2005 “A Place to Grow” act in their literature. Still, the Six Nations Elected Council has included all of these areas in their land claims

Whats Next?

The Haudenosaunee Injunction was upheld in Brantford, Ontario, in November of 2010 to discourage any protest from “Haudenosaunee” that could damage the city’s ability to grow illegally. 

The average Canadian citizen has the right to assemble peacefully, but what about Onkwehonwe? Especially those just caught in the “labelling” game that attempts to determine who they are? 

Time will tell what this will mean for the Haudenosaunee women who voiced their concerns to the Yellowhead Institute for 1492 Landback lane injunction use.

Something New

Poster from Grandback campaign

Grandback has appeared to breathe new life for these organizers, sounding the alarm to the issues within the Mohawk block of the Haldimand Tract.  

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