What is the fifth generation, and are those electromagnetic radiation frequencies safe?

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Federal Indian Reserve 40-Last week we updated the virtual Grand River Onkwehonwe community on new and compact tower installed. While it’s met with mixed reviews, a specific point on the applicability of the fifth-generation technology continues to stand out.

Learning to speak the terminology is critical. Most people already talk about the language despite not recognizing it. Not only are we saying the language but using it to our advantage when we need directions or even locked out of our home

Xplornet offers 5th generation technology that’s built specifically for rural areas. Right now, It’s not known if that technology is to be utilized on the territory.

5G poses no health risks, more in-depth detail from Health Canada can be found at the following link: Health Canada


Health Canada itself points out two specific side effects that have been noted if levels exceed current levels primarily on available data and not lived experience as most equipment is not configured as of yet.

Courtesy of Health Canada

On the contrary, some scientists remain skeptical of the natural world implications of 5G. The “Scientific American” website provides a collection of peer-reviewed articles from 1979 to 2018 discussing the effects of Electromagnetic Radiation Safety (EMF) and its health risks. 

Companies like Qualcomm, who find themselves at the foundation of the technology, boast the countless benefits of the immediate gratification of lightning speed downloading.

The slight catch here is that 5G and Wifi aren’t even the same thing, and you will still need both to access the bigger benefits.

It’s not everywhere yet, but the Communications Research Center will address any concerns in Canada. As of yet, it’s unknown which governing body will handle Onkwehonwe concerns

There is one thing of certainty that we can predict; That we do not know the future long-term benefits or risks that any current technology may have on the human body.

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