Davisville: A Day School with a camp?


The city of Brantford agreed to rethink its plans for a road extension crossing over a Mohawk Village settled by Tehowagherengaraghkwen in the 1780s. He was recognized as a “War Chief” in the revolutionary war between the Americans and British and again in 1812. The position was not hereditary but one awarded after observable actions in combat. 

Another war erupted soon after the war of 1812, fueled by religious organizations driven upon the claim to be the first to bring about the true civilization of Onkwehonwe. Onkwehonwe men presented this history during the last attempts to develop the area. 


Allows freedom of thought and expression without compromising one’s core identity and persecution regarding one’s spiritual choices. Onkwehonwe understood that Politics and Religion are separate matters. 

Village School

Records indicate a school was located on the Mohawk village site referred to as Davisville and was funded through Wesleyan Methodist. An Ojibway missionary Peter Jones provides a short account of an illness that had struck Davisville children, causing his nephew’s death. Although not considered a residential school, the children who attended lived on the same property.

The likelihood of the source of the infection was either Alvin Torry or Jones himself; who recorded feelings of fatigue and fever in the week before symptoms presenting in the children. The circuit preaching missionary undoubtedly came into contact with diseases between his preaching “appointments” in various settlements and villages.

Peter Jones was the son of Augustus Jones. The latter being notable as an American surveyor turned British Crown Surveyor with the endorsement of John Graves Simcoe. Jones is painted as a close friend to another War Chief Thayendinaga while simultaneously participating in land removal strategies that saw large tracts of land removed from the Mohawks and others.

Several denominations were struggling for supreme stewardship over Onkwehonwe during this time with little care or concern for the youngest members of the nations.

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