The Heritage Mark: Another Land Grab scheme?


Heritage Markers are placed on properties that are of significance to the province or Canada. So why are heritage markers popping up on Onkwehonwe territory, and who is approving them? 

“The Trust works with governments, Indigenous communities, conservation authorities, land trusts, heritage organizations and private landowners to ensure the stewardship of its lands and easements, providing vital community relationships and vibrant local participation. More than 90 percent of the Trust’s properties are managed with partners. The Trust employs an integrated conservation approach to heritage, as shown below.”

The ongoing and forceful development on Onkwehonwe territory makes placing land into the heritage trust system all that much more appealing. In the meantime, the lack of adequate housing and infrastructure to accommodate existing Onkwehonwe swept under the rug.

The land will often sit without any disturbances and well-manicured lawns, but how is that going to assist with the socioeconomic and housing crisis facing the people living in the community or the slums of neighbouring communities.

The Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council made another attempt to stop the development of lands; however, according to Canada, they only recognize the Elected Council as spokespeople for the land. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council is recognized as a sub-system of the Six Nations Council. 

Development is forging ahead as the Six Nations Council is not requesting land back but only cash. What about #LandBack that appeared to be supported by both councils?

The powers that be on every territory need to be reminded that Illusory Truth and accompanying propaganda is dividing our nations to the point that in a few generations, we won’t be able to see the sun rising or setting from our territory because of the surrounding skyscrapers. 

What’s that Heritage Moment going to look like?