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The two-year struggle over who “controls” the cannabis industry has escalated yet again. The announcement of “enacting” a law that was already two years old by Elected Council wasn’t received well by some community members. Further confusion over the inclusion of taxes created a clash of people and perspectives in an already strained relationship between the community and police.

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The elected system created the “Cannabis Law” before any appointment of committee members but it is the lack of community communication and transparency that appears to have bolstered several days of increased tensions in the village.

The 2019 cannabis law included an 8% community return policy

The elected council and cannabis commission made a statement the following day to state that the rumours of taxes were false.

Onkwehonwe historically has been refused equal access to entrepreneurship opportunities pushing some to remain in a system of inequality . The Six Nations Peoples Cannabis Coalition and any other interested parties need to be a part of developing the Cannabis industry if it exists at all here in Ohsweken.  

Any attempt to use an Indian act council to determine the status of any businesses as Illegal is trying to force the ship into the canoe especially when you’re doing the same thing. In the end the only thing that matters is community safety and community accountability as free Onkwehonwe.

Why is Cannabis Market Control such a big deal here in Ohsweken?

Seneca, Snipe Clan member

That remains the 3 million-dollar question!