We Didn’t Start the Fires.


Several church fires seem to be a point of contention amongst the differing nations, with some calling for them to burn. In contrast, others would much rather see the buildings be turned into homes or deconstructed for other projects. While even still, those who have adopted these religions would like them to be left alone.

If anything, Setting fires to remove what stands in the way of land possession resonates amongst those nations who have seen entire villages destroyed at the whim of the town destroyer.

The Specific villages that made up some of the nations within the Confederacy and those Onkwehonwe Nations residing with us moved across into adjoining territory out of necessity as village after village was burned to the ground.

Sullivans Campaign

An Irish American named John Sullivan spearheaded the campaign after burning anywhere from 40 to 60 Confederacy villages, destroying crops, seed stores and orchards. The cue was given after George Washington had his feelings hurt over divided loyalty. Those who made attempts to escape further persecution by George were then held in Niagara and many died during the harsh winter that followed the bloody summer.

The Grand Council fire was never extinguished and still exist today in Syracuse N.Y. which hardly qualifies as “destroyed”.

Why can’t you just get over it

Onkwehonwe are the Elephants of the human realm. We are tied to our experiences genetically and the living history of our people related to the relationship on the land. Just like trans-generational trauma that filters down through the engagement with family and friends with negative results so does our strength and resistance against assimilation.

Just as much resilience is passed down

Should they stay, or should they go

Balance was more important than anything within the Kayanere:kowa, Women should be the ones who decide what exists within the clearings. Freely and without the influence of any external interference from an assimilation agenda.

Perhaps the time has come to banish all religions from our territory to free ourselves of any and all mind changers. Stomp out any interference within our respective Nations council fires as an obligation and responsibility within the Kayanerekowa.