A newspaper article reports peculiar findings; some 200 skeletal remains found neatly stacked about 6 ft deep on the banks of the Grand River; the piece was original printed in 1871. Delaware nation members were to have set up their villages in what is now referred to as South Cayuga.

The size and manner of death are what make the find peculiar. Seven to nine-foot skeletons with clear signs of trauma. Onkwehonwe has long-held stories of large humans such as the white giants with red hair and thirst for blood. The latter being reason enough to kill these people who were large.

Big Boned

Cusick’s Curiosities

A Tuscarora Baptist minister named David Cusick took the time and liberty to write a story referring specifically to battles involving Ronnonkwe’towá’nens along the rim of Sewatokwat’shera’t.

Cusick’s writing has primarily been dismissed as Iroquoian lore. But it’s not easy to translate many concepts from an Onkwehonwe language to English adequately. As a result, it loses its intent and meaning without including the relationship to land and other naturally occurring phenomena in its context. 

The historical accounts mention that the area was simply filled back in as grave robbers and antiquity dealers were plucking the specimens directly from the pit. There was no mention of any bones in the area in the Samsung Renewable Energy archeology report filed in  2010/2011.

Perhaps the new giants will keep them hidden.