Anatomy of Land Dispossesion: Part 1


As told by Jim Hutton

What’s it say?  INDIAN LAND SALE!

Whose Land? INDIAN LAND!

Did Six Nations ever receive the money? 


Whose Land Is It?  It’s INDIAN LAND!

Jim Hutton

This original deed is in the safe at SS12 on Six Line, at Six Nations Of The Grand River, since five years ago, the other day I verified it is still there. It is the 1st DEED for Lot 4 West Range Mckenzie Road, CALEDONIA.  The farm on the south edge of LANDBACK LANE, where I grew up, The HUTTON FARM. Robert Anderson died and left it to his sister in Scotland, near Dundee, way up along the northeast coast, she married a Hutton. 

The farm shows the owner as Jas Hutton in the 1879 Haldimand County Atlas. This is my great grandfather James Hutton.

 The deed demonstrates the debt owed by the crown to the Haudenosaunee People based on the £135 (and change) paid to the NDN Affairs Office. 

Today it would amount to a minimum current debt over $13,000,000. The crown appropriated 95% of the Haldimand Tract, aside from lifelong leases of 99 years, forged to 999 years! 

Next up… The Grand River Navigation Company

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