Controlled Chaos


While the fall fair season is quickly approaching, Extreme sports got a jump on the demolition derby season by showcasing one bad-ass heat after another this past Saturday, August 21st.

As temperatures rose, so did the hard-hitting action.

Binbrook, Ontario. Yakowennahskats

Officially categorized as non-racing motorsport, Demolition Derbys have been around since the ’50s and judging by the participants and the crowd this past weekend, it’s only gaining popularity. The best I can describe it is controlled chaos!

One thing that did not surprise me was the Onkwehonwe participants. Instead, it brought me back to my own childhood memories with a family full of car enthusiasts.

Blast from the past Kathy Rene/General Winning a derby

In the ’80s and ’90s, when I was first introduced to demolition derbies by my aunt and uncles, it was family-oriented, and the old field cars were now taking center stage at the fall fairs. It was fast-paced, and there were constant mechanical upgrades to solidify the front end or reinforce the interior. It was an adrenaline rush, and getting to participate in painting a character or two on the side or trunk was always coveted by the young budding artist in our family. It was a way to connect and work together or talk shop.

Not much has changed as the next generations are keeping it a family tradition. The categories for the types of vehicles have widened, and basic requirements to participate vary from event to event. Still, the passion for demolition derby engineering and perfecting the art of smashing bumpers are as strong as it was when I was a little girl.

One thing for certain, It’s a flex for the adrenaline junkie, and the mechanic all rolled into one.

Good Luck, Guys and Gals, for the upcoming demolition derby season.