Back to School Is Not The Same For All Children


Sage has been hesitant about attending school, which puzzled me because she is a social person. This morning, she told me that she was afraid that she would never see me again. 

My children know about the recent recoveries at the residential school, But unfortunately, Sage doesn’t understand the difference. It broke my heart; I reassured her that I would never let anyone take her away from me and that her school was NOT a residential school. 

She was terrified, with tears streaming down her face. I just held her really tight and told her that she was safe. I made sure to inform the school, and they will be talking to her as well. No one deserves to feel that way. 

I’m thrilled that we have a great support system to help me deal with these kinds of things. 

Remember to be grateful for the little things, Like our Children.

About the Author: Heather is Nehiyaw Metis on her mom’s side and Ojibwe Anishnaabe from Skownan First Nation in Treaty two territory in Manitoba.