If this Federal Election is anything like previous ones, many Onkwehonwe will not be participating in the federal election. But Why? 

Quite simply, We have violated the obligations to our wampums and lifeways.

November 2, 1896 “They are no more Iroquois Government Subjects”

If Canada does not understand its laws or treaties to follow them, then why would Onkwehonwe understand it?  

“They haven’t killed us off yet, so I guess it’s not all bad,”

No One


Canada is not a developed country or even a first-world one. It is confused about its role globally; it has no confidence in itself but has resorted to authoritarian tactics to manage objections. 

Reducing the Rafters

One of the reasons the proverbial rafters were removed was the length of time it took to pass the matters back and forth across the fire. That is how we arrived at a consensus as Rotinonhsyonni, and we took as long as we needed to ensure that it was a good fit for everyone. If it wasn’t, then it wasn’t considered further until Our Nations reached mutually beneficial terms. 

The federal system has a long and demonstrated history of “Killing the Indian to Save the Man” and continues to interfere in efforts to preserve our Rotinonhsyonni lifeways.

Ohsweken Clan Mothers and Chiefs circular 2021

Those who wish to understand and choose to live on the Kayanerekowa and the responsibility that comes with walking that path have chosen to restore the intrinsic relationship with the natural world. This is what reconciliation actually looks like.

The continued attempts to encourage people to vote in the Canadian election on what little territory we have left is insulting to many. Meanwhile, No one is stopping anyone from voting, but the continued pressure by select members of the community to host election stations in Oshweken is a perpetuation of cultural genocide. No one is stopping anyone from departing the canoe, But stop trying to coerce anyone else to follow.

To add to the late Art Manual’s quote, “Quit crying on the shoulder of the people who are stealing your land,”… “Quit begging the system trying to assimilate you for membership.” 

Kanyenkehaka Citizen

The Two-Row should remind Onkwehonwe to stay out of the ship’s matters and mind our own; otherwise, your ship awaits you!