Joey Ojeek: A Summer to Speak for the Land!


I had the privilege of being a guest on the unceded, ancestral Territories of the Pacheedaht and Ditidaht First Peoples and standing in solidarity with those who are fighting to save the last remaining 2.7% of Old Growth. These trees are also referred to as our grandmother and grandfather trees.

Let’s say he had his most profitable and educational summer to date. It came in the form of multiple arrests, a couple of broken bones and countless foot chases through the unceded Territories. Each foot chase being a victorious one. (Joey 20+- RCMP 0)

I am home briefly to allow some broken bones to heal, caused by the daily vicious assaults perpetrated by the RCMP, who are breaking many laws daily. 

For anyone unaware, Fairy Creek Blockade has become so-called Canada’s largest act of “civil disobedience,” with just under 1000 arrested thus far. 

I ask each and everyone I know to educate themselves on the war taking place out there.

I ask you to get involved in ANY way you can.


Boozhoo indinawemaaganidog Aaniin Joey Ojeek ndiznikaas Anishinaabe-izhinikaazowin Neegonweywedun Waabizheshi dodem niindaaw N’bissing niindoojiba Miigwech bizindawiyeg

My name is Joey Ojeek; My Spirit name is he is Thunder Before the Storm; I belong to the Marten Clan; I am from Nippissing First Nation. Thank you for listening!