The Bear and its Four Hunters: Opening the Season


The Sumac tree marks the start of the Hunting season with its leaves turning red. Symbolizing the drops of blood from the wounded bear as it emerges from its den, otherwise known as the  Corona Borealis 

The bear became known for its unrelenting stalking of the village’s presence pushed our ancestors to the edge of famine, scaring away or killing all of the minor game that was relied on during the winter months.

The people in the villages were scared and would not allow the children to play in the woods. There were many sleepless nights as fear filled the dreams of our people. Finally, they realized they would not last the winter alongside the giant bear. 

The size of his paws told the villagers that this bear was massive and undoubtedly would not be an easy kill. Soon people spread the word amongst the villages calling for the best hunters. 

Ancient cave drawing

The urgent call reached the home of four brothers and their dog, well known for their tracking and hunting skills. They accepted it as their obligation to kill the bear for their people and return peace. 

“Do not worry; once we are on the trail of our hunt, we will never stop until our hunt is finished.”

The hunt proved difficult and long, the four hunters tracked the bear, and once they finally reached their prey and wounded him, they realized that they were no longer on turtle island but amongst the stars. 

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The story of the hunt became written in the stars to be read repeatedly on the never-ending pursuit.