Arrowdale Is Not For Sale Say Onkwehonwe


Brantford, Ontario.

The ongoing land disposal by the City of Brantford to Land developers had another curve ball thrown into the mix this weekend when Several Onkwehonwe stepped in on Saturday to let the City know “Arrowdale is not for sale”

Brantford City Park Vision

This action is on the heels of Brantford City council ignoring recent calls for moratoriums on development and continued to consider the  nine bids for their future park. The “Yellow Shirt Crew” gathered today once again to protest the lack of consultation and meaningful dialogue. In the meantime a Oneida Nation member parked their truck in the laneway and decided it wasnt going to move.

Warm Welcome

Onkwehonwe were greeted warmly by Save Arrowdale Supporters as they verbalized their frustration and sharing their often one sided interactions with the city and its councellors. Some suggesting that questionable tactics took place when legal appeals were prematurely dismissed through the court system.

Stage 2 Archological assessment completed without complying with “Duty to Consult” confirms what we already know

Stage One and Two archeological reports are conducive with what Onkwehonwe have been saying about the area and how it was used. George Powlis (Powless) was arrested for Murder in 1839 and was convicted with little evidence and the charges were later dismissed, The event took place on Vineger Hill and the body of the victim was also located near by, Arrowdale sits on part of this old village.

Whats Next

The Onkwehonwe present today emphasized the peaceful nature of their occupation but also were quick to remind Brantford Police that Onkwehonwe have always maintained peaceful relationships until met with colonial violence.