A Pattern of Behaviour


Brantford October 12/2021

Arrowdale Public Golf Course has seen its 4th day of its peaceful occupation. That was until approximately 2:30 pm when the city’s hired private security completely blocked the driveway after several supporters left. Witnesses felt this was a direct act of aggression to garner a negative response from the peaceful occupiers.

It came as no surprise when the City of Brantford released a statement with a deliberately false narrative just an hour later.


A small, well-controlled fire was the next point of discontent addressed when the Brantford Fire department attended the golf course with a notice of “Open Air Burning response” and advised that the city believes they own the property and the buildings that sit on it.

A city employee attended almost immediately after the fire trucks left to lend support to their hired security but declined to comment on the misleading media release.

Police contacted by police liaison due to an escalation of a pattern of behaviour demonstrated by the accumulation of incidents in a short period. Attending police officers were collegial and acknowledged concerns of the occupants of the course.


Although the hired security declined to comment on the coincidental arrival of the fire department, They did admit to police that the directive to block the driveway came directly from the city.

After 4 days, You would think city officials would have had time to formulate a better response.