Stash In the Statue


The statue of Joseph Brant In Brantford, Ontario, sat heavily guarded over the summer after discovering the bodies of residential school students throughout Canada. The figure was given an orange glow and gated off except for a monitored entrance. 

Warriors on the Base

Justine Vanevery of Six Nations had heard the story from a friend who heard it from a gentleman who restored the statue at some point. She shared that her friend told her about the figure being a vault and holding papers of interest to the Six Nations. 

The story had equal parts mystery and equal parts adventure but was it true? 

A letter by the Indian affairs Registrar dated November 26/1935, confirms that a copy of the Haldimand proclamation and Simcoe Deed are both hidden within the memorial. 

The entire statue stands 9 ft tall on a base of granite. That’s a vast space for just a few pieces of paper.

I wonder what else is in there?