“Land Use” agreements: Onkwehonwe we have a problem

    The recent occupation of the Arrowdale golf course has shed some light on the quiet dealings of elected band council-appointed personal who have been negotiating land use and sale without consultation with the community. 

    Six nations recently halted an Archeology study at Arrowdale without knowing that members of their land trust were already liaising with Brantford according to a recent meeting between a city councillor and members of the Grand River territory

    Arrowdale park: Yakowennahskats

    On October 15th, Brantford’s Chief administrative officer (CAO) and another employee attended the green space to speak with the Onkwehonwe occupying the Arrowdale land. Sources present say the CAO told them that Phil Monture and Lonny Bomberry were parties to ongoing discussions regarding this development.

    This raises questions about other sites or projects that have largely ignored this year’s development moratorium along the tract issued by the HCCC. Indeed, in opposition to those community members reclaiming traditional territory with the support of individual families that form our Nations. 

    Both men have a long history with the elected council, and both act as Directors for the numbered corporation 9646035 that is currently holding lands in trust, including the Burtch Tract. 

    Dayle Bomberry was the president of the listed corporation/land trust but has since retired entirely from the Elected council. It’s unknown if he still holds an active position with this organization.

    “In view of time factors of settling claims, Six Nations has worked jointly with surrounding municipalities, corporations and governments to allow persons to occupy the lands in a responsible manner and permit development to proceed under certain terms and covenants and without prejudice to our position on claims.”

      Six Nation Land Resources 


    What is often misunderstood is the requirement of the people to have input into what happens with the land while consulting as individual Nations and then come together as a Confederacy. 

    We have reached out to the Six Nations Elected Council for comment but have not received a reply. 

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