Setting aside the question of land title, When do we begin to recognize the rights of the land itself as a living and breathing organism?

Not an obscure thought.

In April of 2021, a river in Kanata received the same rights as a human. Aside from providing Onkwehonwe with the ability to defend its health within the realm of human rights. It affirms a long-held perspective that the earth is one complete entity unto itself.

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Kanata wants treaty observed

In an ironic move, Kanata recently cited a 1977 treaty to continue using a sixty-seven-year-old pipeline owned by Enbridge. Enbridge remains in violation of the easement shutdown order.

It’s not just the resource extraction causing irreparable damage, but the by-products and waste are concerning. For example, the projected waste production at mining sites is thirty times greater than all communities, municipalities and industries combined in Kanata, in addition to the 200-400 years of treatment required to return the land and water to suitable for human use.

The practice is unsustainable, and clearly, Kanata does not recognize the cause-and-effect relationship. The Ideology evidences this in the early 1900s

“According to the law of England and of Canada, gold and silver

mines, until they have been aptly severed from the title of the

Crown are not regarded as partes soli or as incidents of the land”


Indirect Modification

Evidence exists to support climate change-mediated changes to the land, which directly impacts changes in plant life. However, it begs the question of the influence of climate change and the comparison between genetically modified organisms and food. In addition, the relatively indirect genetic modification reduces the effect of current Onkwehonwe sustainability and preservation practices.

Its clear that protection is required

The crown presumptuously states its Onkwehonwe territory; however, It’s more than evident that it’s for resource extraction and development rather than stewardship.

Therefore Onkwehonwe must fill that role once again and not just talk about it but live it.

She has Rights

The land is a living and breathing entity. It has existed without our influence and will live long after our species develop itself beyond the ability to survive.

She has the same rights as we do and then some.