High Stakes and Big Money


A joint statement released by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the Six Nations of the Grand River has a few members asking for more information while others are questioning if these decisions made by the Band Council are valid?

Houses Of Bills

Rewind to the release of The National Economic Benefits of the Canadian Gaming Industry: Key Findings Report on June 19/2019. Canadian politicians hadn’t yet seen the results of the legalization of cannabis and those profit margins when their attention turned to the gambling industry. 

It didn’t take long for a private member bill to make its way to parliament calling for an amendment of the criminal code for the National foot to get into the 17.1 billion dollar market.


Make Laws to Make Money

The first reading of a private members bill C-218 was brought forth by conservative MP Kevin Waugh on February 25, 2020. Its goal was to change the criminal code to legalize sports betting and manage it closely by a provincial regulatory body. 

The bill explicitly addresses online betting for racing, MMA Type fights or other single sport or athletic events, except for horse racing. 

It received Royal Assent in April 2021, giving provinces the green light to develop their policies. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario or AGCO  is the same regulatory body that oversees cannabis, alcohol, and gambling will also handle the Igaming industry in Ontario. 

In January of this year, Ontario announced an IGaming portal to go live On April 4 of 2022.

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Betting on shutting them down.

Kahnawake elected administration attempted to work with federal ministers; however, Waugh’s legislative assistant stated that it’s not a national issue. 

Instead, the assistant advised the administration to deal directly with the province despite their extensive history and dealings with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. 

A press release from the elected official Mark Hill addresses his grievances over the new legislation and the failure to consult with First Nations with an established presence within that industry. 

At this time, the Six Nations administration is calling for a pause to Ontarios IGaming until all involved nations can amicably resolve things. 

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