Coyotes Carcasses Dumped on Newport Road


Ohsweken- A resident was travelling back to the territory when they came upon a gruesome scene on Newport road. An individual had dumped several Coyote carcasses along the side of the road. 

Dumping area

Coyotes are not the most loveable canine species and are often called nuisance animals with costly bad habits. 

Evidence suggests that killing these animals is the least effective way to control behaviour as the population is widespread and growing. So instead, Hazing is recommended. 


But what was most disturbing was the simple disposal alongside the road. Other locals reported that this is not the first time animals have been killed elsewhere and relocated to this spot. 

The area has been subjected to dumping with fast food packaging and household waste; now, someone has taken to drop off their kills. 

The act of dumping is undoubtedly a cost-saving measure and to avoid responsibility under the rules and regulations set by the province for their citizens.