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Missing Information

One crucial yet missing element from the pandemic health teaching was the information on our diets related to our immunity. Although it’s only a part of maintaining optimal health and wellness, It’s Important. As our lives begin to speed up again, now is the time to talk Microgreens

Microgreens are simply vegetables harvested after growing the seed leaf with one set of true leaves that have developed. The young vegetables pack an incredible nutritional punch as they contain Higher Nutrients than their full-grown counterparts.

Super Good

We reached out to 613UrbanFarms  owner Brandon Bigtree to find out exactly how vital Onkwehonwe gut health is and how adding microgreens can have multisystem benefits. 

Bigtree explains that when he considers the benefits of Microgreens, he primarily has positive thoughts about the superfoods. He explains that they are superfoods because of all the compact natural vitamins and nutrients and reduce vegetable consumption fatigue. 


In addition to supplying your body with adequate nutrients, the gut-to-good mind connection is well established in scientific circles. Bigtree explains that providing the gut with the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals aids in thinking clearer and assists with overall disposition.

The gut-to-good mind connection is well established

Brandon Bigtree @ 613UrbanFarms

That’s not all; given the prevalence of diabetes within Onkwehonwe communities, it is exciting to know that some microgreens are beneficial in reducing the stress that limits Cellular Glucose Uptake and allowing for optimal cellular absorption. 

Scrap the Capsule Convenience

Bigtree is encouraging our community members to forgo the convenience of the capsule vitamins due to the First Pass Metabolism of the liver. He emphasizes providing naturally sourced options instead where there is greater bioavailability of the nutrients.

He suggests starting with the Broccoli Microgreens and slowly adding others to your daily diet. In addition, Brandon provides hands-on consultation to all of our communities with seeds and grow kits packages. 

We will be visiting him in Akwesasne soon, so stay tuned!

Images courtesy of 613UrbanFarms