Moosemeat and Marmalade Meet Landback.


There are only some relationships that fuse perfectly without deliquescing. The mingling of traditional Onkwehonwe cuisine and culture of Art Napolean with Dan Hayes British fare and flair is the foundation of the brilliant television series Moosemeat and Marmalade

The Art of Visiting

So when the duo visited local culinary jewels Yawekon and Dixieland Grill, It caught no one by surprise that a visit to 1492 Landback Lane was also on their agenda. 

Moosemeat and Marmalade joined Skyler Williams to talk about the current situation and the unrelenting attempts by the developer to criminalize the actual title holders. Highlighting the Failure of Developers to approach the provincial or federal government, who are responsible for the fraudulent land sales.

What Sustains Us

The relationship between Our Sustenance and Our Land is intertwined with the efforts to push back against land sales. The encroachment itself is endangering the ecosystems along the Grand River Watershed, while the current agricultural practices are doing their fair part in the great lakes and their watershed contamination.

Still, It’s not often that a cooking show wants to do a segment at a land reclamation site; all participants acknowledged the concept of landback having everything to do with restoring Onkwehonweneha that undoubtedly requires our land for sustenance. 

 “I am always impressed with the level of the commitment to maintain; many people show up when the media is there, but who’s there when all of that is gone? It’s those guys.” ~Art Napoleon

In a thick and right proper British accent, Hayes supportively said, “I second what Art says, and it is a big sacrifice.” 

On Set Atmosphere

The set was all business, but we know that guests cannot visit our beloved territory without getting pulled into the jokes and tasting our good old-fashioned Sense Of Humour

Williams, who boasts no claims to his cooking skills but is a natural in front of the camera, said of the experience, “It’s always nice to be around good people doing solid, cool work!” 

We couldn’t agree more!