Yakowennahskats is a platform that promotes a balance between women and men within our matrilineal system. While elevating and uplifting Onkwehon:we women’s perspective that has been almost completely ignored by foreign established norms. We hope to provide a consistent truth within our matters between the women and men of our nations.

The idea was born from recognizing the importance of our traditions and customs as related to the Nations that form the Confederacy and not those created outside of the original instructions.

As a Grassroots journalist, establishing a platform devoted to matrilineal voices to join in flooding mainstream media with Grassroots Onkwehon:we platforms.

We will strive to bring awareness as journalists, Reporters, Photographers or other storytelling methods reporting on actions and events while being present as a community member. We have different social structures and governance that are little understood even after all this time.

Yakowennahskats Media was created with the intent to speak these and other truths while attempting to address the lack of understanding of Onkwehon:weneha and mainstream ideations of who we are. It is intentional that non-indigenous governments, legal frameworks, and news platforms severely underestimate our importance and even choose to invalidate our experiences as Onkwehon: we

The time has never been more opportune to provide and capture our stories’ essence as it pertains to these entities and other systems that fail to understand and take notice.


Starla Antone Grassroots Freelance Journalist