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ANNOUNCING PLAYER #87 … Torrey Sowden


Stepping onto an NFL field as a fan can be a rush but imagine stepping onto that field to play as a 17-year-old Onkwehonwe young man with other Onkwehonwe players? Well, that is exactly how it played out for Torrey Sowden. 

United Nations

A member of the Mohawk Nation, Turtle clan; Torrey was among fifty-one other youth from all over the United States representing their respective nations. Torrey didn’t let the border stop him from participating as the only representative having to travel internationally. 

“I have been playing football since I was 10 years old and I have always wanted to go to college and play… one day maybe just even turn it into a career and lifestyle and all I need is my chance to show everyone I have what it takes to be the best.  – Thank you.” 

 Torrey Sowden   


Return of the Giants


The 6’4” and two hundred-thirty-pound players can play offence, defence, Offense tight end, fullback defence, defensive lineman and linebacker. Although last season was a wash Torrey pulled off 2019-2020 Offensive and defensive Most Valuable Player, an impressive feat to say the least

Inspiration to Inspiring: Passing it on

Torrey draws his inspiration from the love and support of his family. “I’ve always wanted to make them proud because they’ve always believed in the athlete and person I can be on and off the field,” says Sowden. 

Photo Credit: Arlie Sowden

Torrey also brings some very important symbols onto the field with him sporting orange cleats while playing football or lacrosse. He does this to maintain awareness of the residential system that affects all Onkwehonwe across multiple generations and to let people know that we are still here.

“When you play whatever it is that makes you an athlete, Remember your not only doing this for yourself but all Onkwehonwe people”

Our Nations Team

When the interview turned to a more serious matter of which NFL team is his favourite, Torrey scored no points as he passed over the Buffalo Bills in favour of the fish saying “I know this is going to make some people mad but no, GO FINS”

That’s alright Torrey, There is plenty of time to change your mind.