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PREREQUISITES for contributors:

  •  We support Onkwehon: we contributors that can emphasize the Kayeneren:kowa. The Principles of peace, power, and righteousness should provide guidance and balance traditional matrilineal systems’ roles.
  •  The platform is grassroots, so there is no experience required for contributors, Just excellent orators.
  •  We want to be just as loud and proud about you as we are about us. Clan and Nations are a super way to help identify yourself (We are not the identity police, but if others feel they are, we can only support constructive engagement and request any issues be taken directly up with the person) Content Ideas: (Not limited to these)Great Law wampum, Clan Systems, Nation History, Traditional cooking, Language revival and perseverance. Nutrition, Activity, Motherhood, Child rearing, Roles and responsibility within traditional systems. Land and water protection, Women and men who embody and promote peace and balance. Small business owner showcase, Investigative reporting, Current events. This is not an exhaustive list but provides a general sense of what is acceptable content.
  • RISK: Under no circumstance do we endorse risking life, actions that may lead to arrest for any content.

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