Canada condemns China’s genocidal policies; refuses to look in their backyard.


Canada’s attempt to shame China only places the spotlight on its treatment of Onkwehon: we.


While a Canadian House of Commons Subcommittee on International Human Rights refused to acknowledge its acts of genocide towards Onkwehon: we who have existed on these lands for thousands of years.

They had the nerve to release a scathing report on China’s treatment of ethnic Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims. 

The Sub-committee is composed of all three major Canadian political parties. Felt that the list of reports satisfied that the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment met the guidelines of genocide as laid out in the Geneva Convention for genocide prevention signed in 1948 and enacted in 1951.


Original statement: STATEMENT BY THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNING THE HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION OF UYGHURS AND OTHER TURKIC MUSLIMS IN XINJIANG, CHINA  released October 21st, 2020, is now in the spotlight and calls into question the “good guy” persona Canada play on the world stage.

The committee further points out the use of birth control on women of childbearing age while refusing to acknowledge Canada’s Indigenous women’s forced sterilization.


In the face of acquittal after the acquittal of the perpetrators of murders of Indigenous people, MMIW, Wellness checks gone wrong, Serial murders going undetected despite mountains of evidence, Apprehension of children from hospital rooms,… Be careful, Canada; your hypocrisy is showing. 

The condemnation of mass incarceration centers for forcible political indoctrination and skills training sound eerily similar to the Canadian Correctional facilities that house staggering amounts of Onkwehon: we more now than any other time in history

Canadian law enforcement officers belonging to the Ontario Provincial Police attempted to remove Onkwehonwe forcefully from a land-back resistance in Ontario, Canada; This happening just before releasing the report.

As a result of this arrest, the Judge presiding over the matter declined to allow an Onondaga man’s participation in a judicial proceeding where he is explicitly named

Photo credit: S.Antone

In a bold move, and with a clear plan to silence and repress not only an Oneida Onkwehonwe media journalist breaking through into mainstream; but the Ontario Provincial Police issued and carried out several warrants for an Independent Mohawk Journalist ironically within their ancestral territory.

And just so we don’t get it twisted as an Onkwehon: we reporter, I condemn all forms of genocide from all settler-colonial states that have interfered with traditional lifeways – from Canada to China and everywhere in between. (Description of writer’s eyes: Glares to the North and South of the Canadian States). 

It looks Like Canada’s Dirty secrets are about to hit the World Stage. 

PDQ(Pretty Darn Quick): DOD (Doctrine of Discovery)

Inter Caetera or Doctrine of discovery cir 1493

What is the low-down on the Doctrine of Discovery as it affects Onkwehonwe on this continent?

Popular thought shows that this single document written by a less than enlightened pope gave explorers the exclusive right to rape, burn, and murder any Onkwehonwe on land uninhabited by Christians and then claim it as their own. 

First, we need to stop thinking of the Spaniards as the first visitors seriously. Leif Ericcson visited 500 years prior and didn’t think he owned the place, and science suggests that some of them even fathered a few of our favourite Onkwehonwe redheads. Why did the Church paint them as “savages,” and they didn’t even wreck the place?  Sound familiar?

Excited to see land?

The Doctrine was written in 1493, a year after Christopher Columbus landed on the Caribbean island. The local Onkwehonwe called Guanahani and renamed it “San Salvadore,” which translates to “Saint Saviour.”  The name itself sounds like the man was lost, as he was just happy to see land again. I’ve done the same when I have been too proud to admit that I was lost and didn’t recognize the locals. If he was lost and thought he was in India like history books claim, Why would we not believe that the DOD doesn’t apply here? Simple… Because someone told us it does, and we believed the wrong set of facts!

Rod B

By all accounts, Pope Alexander IV (AKA Rodrigo Borgia) from the House of Borgias was the recipient of the heavenly words found in the DOD, having them whispered in his ear shortly before May 4th, the year of their lord 1493. It was originally called “Inter Caetera” and gave exclusive rights to only the area covered by their lost brethren the year before, give or take a few thousand miles.

It established a demarcation line one hundred leagues west of the Azores and Cape Verde Islands and assigned Spain the exclusive right to acquire territorial possessions and trade in all lands west of that line.

Collected from:

The problem with the theory that the DOD is valid is the abundance of credit offered to Rodrigo in having the foresight to predict that his boatman knew where he was going, and he didn’t. Let us not be too hard on the guy; he had only been Pope for nine months before he declared this papal bull.

Granted, this pope was afforded special privileges such as having intimate partners, fathering children and even having access to fortunes. This was when men could buy the papal pulpit with popularity and close connections; however, this does not demonstrate “godliness” but rather a greediness.

Rodrigo is said to have made several self-serving papal bulls, including two that allow his son Cesare to accept responsibility for fathering his sister Lucrezia’s baby and another where he himself claims him. I am certainly not suggesting incest but rather creative political parenting.

More than anything, this questionable period and questionable papal bull leave one with yet another question…

“How can one make rules if he does not follow those set out for him by his Lord?” Is thou privileged?

Duncan Campbell Scott: Racial Hygienist and Poet du Jour


But who was the man behind the misunderstood Canadian genocide?

DCS (Duncan Campbell Scott) is romanticized as a “man of his day” from a bygone era amongst many academics.  One who couldn’t have possibly understood and been aware enough to control his passive homicidal tendencies; DCS is also not surprisingly still considered in Canadian literary circles as one of the highly regarded Confederation poets. To this day, he holds a place as a fellow of The Royal Society of Canada. He remains a National Historic Person whose best-known claim of importance is to a poetry group and an “education advocate.”

The Forsaken: a poem of a man watching an onkwehonwe woman fight for survival, most likely while he ate tea and crumpets close by. Reminiscent of National Geographic films of nature

Born in 1862 to a Methodist minister father and a French mother, DCS was by all accounts was not of any particular interest in stature or considerable intelligence. Education was geared towards natural ability during this time, and DCS did not exceed any bare minimum standards of the time.

The assertion that his family was too poor to send him to medical school preposterous given that the lad had been educated at the prestigious Stanstead College private boarding school. 

DCS Humble abode in Ottawa that was built for his family

The fact of the matter is that he quite simply did not have the intelligence in academia to attend medical school. This made DCS ineligible to pursue his dreams of practicing medicine as we understand the capabilities of sociopaths working in medicine; however, that only placed his focus on Onkwehonwe affairs.

One can only imagine what he thought about Kahkewaquonaby and Oronhyatekha Who were the first two Onkwehonwe medical doctors having received their credentials through the University of Toronto in 1866 and 1867 (only months apart) based on their academic ability? 

Dr Edmund Jones Left & Dr Peter Martin Right

Instead, DCS joined the civil service and became a copying clerk for The Department of Indian affairs at the tender age of 17, earning 1.50 a day. This was not luck but rather his father calling in a favour to an equally horrific friend John MacDonald. This friendship of his father has helped seal DCS forever in the annals of Canada’s extermination initiative. 

DCS prior to 1898 sometime

Canadian history paints him as an unfortunate struggling scholar gifted in music and arts, but  DCS is well known in the memory of Onkwehonwe as one of the most prolific perpetrators of colonial genocide. His Prose was less than average, certainly not one that evokes anything other than to serve as a reminder of his deeds.

Duncan himself proposed and approved the Indian act legislation that banned our ancestors from hiring lawyers in 1924 to defend land claims. 

It wasn’t a coincidence that this was the same year that the RCMP strolled into the quiet village of Ohsweken with their guns with lust for our freedom and land.

Shotgun legislation, Wild Wild West style

If anything, we can call DCS a Serial Killer by proxy for the unimaginable amount of children that simply disappeared or, worse yet, those whose deaths were dismissed as accidental on the notices their parents received via post from the residential schools

For the Parents that refused children to be treated in any way by the colonial hospitals or health care providers, Well DCS had a solution for that too, One which Canada attempted to hide. Onkwehonwe traditional medicines were dismissed without regard

With the whim of a pen DCS removed even more children

Not quite the same

DCS was never able to earn his dream of obtaining his doctorate; however, in 1922, through the University of Toronto, he was given an honorary doctorate of letters; The same university that two Onkwehonwe doctors earned their doctorates from almost sixty years previously.

We will forever know him as  Canada’s racial hygenist as they continue to honour him as their poet.

Telling your Truths


The first breath out of a baby’s mouth is often a cry; This is our first form of communication.  As we grow, our words take shape, and They begin to tell your perspective and your truths.

Anyone of any age can be a storyteller; We can say what makes us sad or happy or what we see in fruition, or what is missing. A personal story can never be right or wrong; It may only demonstrate the need for growth or a need to slow down to see our Mother’s beauty. 

Yakowennahskats: Her beautiful voice is a media platform that aims to allow people to enjoy telling their stories.

We want to hear from Onkwehonwe living in any environment (City or rural) of all ages.

Tell it from your words and perspective, We can edit for clarity and grammar, but publication is based on your input and feedback. 

With that being said, we are now ready to accept stories, but this is an open-door policy, so it’s going to be available when you’re ready.  is a 100% Kanyankehaka owned (Family tree available upon request)  and operated business situated on the Haldimand Tract as Identified in the Haldimand Proclamation of 1784 and the ancient Beaver Bowl that was in existence long before 1701.  

Additionally,10% of any financial earnings will be returned to the Ohsweken community for any causes that promote Peace, Power and Righteousness. 

We firmly believe in supporting our communities and are working on drafting Onkwehonwe grassroots storytelling initiatives once we are able to. Onkwehonweneha preferred, but experienced-based grassroots education will do, (BYOE=Bring your own equipment)

Like all media companies, we have limitations; We cannot break any personal privacy parameters or cause a direct endangerment to anyone. 

We ask if it is not a story that has not been passed through the family and/or community to please provide appropriate links with the story. We will not be serving to cancel culture but encourage that business to be put into their respective clan families’ wells.

Some topics we are interested in (Not limited to): Land, Water, Uplifting your community, History, Cooking, Health and wellness. 

Politics- Reserved for Rotinohsonni communities only on this page.

Wampums of the Kayanere:kowa


The Globe Thistle

I am Deganawida. With the statesmen of the League of Five Nations, I plant the Tree of Great Peace. I plant it in your territory, Atotarho and the Onondaga Nation: in the territory of you who are the Firekeepers. I name the tree Tsyoneratasekowa, the Great White Pine. Under the shade of this Tree of Great Peace, we spread the soft, white feathery down of the Globe Thistle as seats for you, Atotarho and your cousin statesmen.

We place you upon those seats, spread soft with the feathery down of the Globe Thistle, there beneath the shade of the spreading branches of the Tree of Great Peace. There shall you sit and watch the Fire of the League of Five Nations. All the affairs of the League shall be transacted at this place before you, Atotarho and your cousin statesmen, by the statesmen of the League of Five Nations.

Note : The term Five Nations makes it evident that all the laws were made before 1714 at which time the Tuscarora Nation was admitted into the Confederacy, but without an equal voice, contrary to the Plan of Deganawida. Apparently, the first Grand Councils of the Iroquois Confederacy were held under the evergreen white pine, the largest tree in Eastern North America, more than 250 feet high. All cut down 200 years ago by the white men who afterwards never let the great tree grow to full size again in their haste and eagerness to exploit it.

Internet Source

Lifting Our Minds Affirmations


Why is it important to see Rez-Humour’s representation in current pop culture?

Valentines cards made by Jheri Jamieson

We asked Jheri Jamieson, a photographer and graphic designer, and she did not disappoint!

Growing up, I was always surrounded by my immediate family, aunts, uncles, both of my grandma’s and countless cousins. If you were sensitive, you had to toughen up real quick and get a sense of humour. My family events are filled with jokes and laughter that neighbours could hear down the road!

I went to elementary school on-reserve, and all of my friends were from my community; although my family travelled often and did a lot of stuff off the reserve, I still didn’t have any friendships with non-natives. 

When I went to Brantford to play softball, I remember being so excited to try out and play ball at a higher level. My mom drove me to the practice, and I had to have been only 11 or so. Before I jumped out of the car to go to the try-out, my mom stopped me and said, 

“Just remember these girls aren’t native. They didn’t grow up like you, and they talk differently than you and they sure as heck don’t have the same sense of humour as we do, so keep that in mind.”

Jheri’s Mom

I went into that practice with the open mind that an 11-year-old has and made friends with no problem.

Fast forward to going to post-secondary, I made the varsity softball team, and up until then, I still had no problem making friends, regardless of their race, gender, age, religion etc. Being on this team was my first experience truly understanding what my mom meant all those years ago.

Photo credit Jheri Jamieson

 The other girls on the team were predominately white, and I came into this team like any other team. I participated and chatted, trying to make some sort of friendship with at least one person on the team, but I couldn’t seem to do that. I couldn’t hold a conversation for the life of me, my jokes heard crickets, and I sat by myself on the bus. I did my best, I came in with an open mind and a smile, and I still couldn’t create a friendship or bond. 

I stopped making jokes so that I wouldn’t hurt any feelings, and I stopped telling stories because either nobody wanted to listen or they just didn’t understand. They weren’t leaving me out to be mean; they just couldn’t connect with me either. I have always embraced where I come from, my heritage, my family; I’ve never been ashamed of any of it. Instead of pretending to be something that I’m not to make friends with, I went back to my community, where my stories and my jokes are appreciated, I went home. I still completed my year at school and am currently in the fourth and final year of my bachelor’s program at Humber College.

My program has taught me so much in the digital communications field, and every chance that I got, I did my project either about a First Nations issue or about Beyonce. Creating these Valentine cards was something I’ve been thinking about since I started my program, but I never had to tools to do it; finally, I taught myself how to make illustrations and designed them with my friends and family in mind. 

Having Kraft dinner and hotdogs for dinner is a classic rez meal that we all had. Some people who are not from our community might think the meal is sad and cheap, but to a couple of rez kids, they wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’ve ever been to a Healers’s dance, you know that the song ‘Come And Get Your Love’ is where you find someone you want to end off your night. 

Photo Credit Jheri Jamieson

These jokes are for our community, and I think it’s vital that we embrace them. Sure other people won’t get it; they might wonder why we believe hot-dog’s and Kraft dinner are the perfect combination, but it’s a part of us, it’s a part of our childhood, adulthood, and it’s something that we all have in common.

During COVID, every family feels that sense of loneliness, not being able to gather with family and friends. I think that’s why, now more than ever, we need to find our sense of humour and connect with not just our families but with our community as well. I hope to keep designing and creating with all of my experiences in mind and hopefully bring laughter and smiles to my community.

Contributor: Jheri Jamieson is a Kanyenke: haka, Wolf clan member. Her home community is Six Nations of the Grand River. She is a full-time student at Humber College in the digital communication program and somehow finds the time to share her gift of humour in the formats mentioned above. I found her on her Facebook, but she has Instagram; follow her here for her work  @jjamiesoncreative .

Where is it essential for you to see your representation? I’d like to hear from you, subscribe and reach out.

CORNBACK: A cornbread reclamation story

Facebook: Ionte’s Cornbread

Thanks to Ionte’s cornbread, I was reminded of how good our cornbread taste. The Hominy flour cornbread is one of my all-time favourites, and it truly has stood the test of time. This superfood is all Onkwehon:we have had little colonial interference, making it an ideal staple that is one-hundred-percent made for us!

Although hominy cornbread is not to be confused with cornbread, Toni Tipton-Martin notes had been adopted by early slaves due to its likeness to the traditional dish called Kush. Cornmeal (right) shared a similar consistency to an Indigenous African super-grain called Fonio (left); It reminded the early human trafficking victims of their home. (Left is Fonio, Right is Cornmeal)

Corn is found worldwide, but its origins are North American, specifically to Guerrero and Oaxaca’s modern states in Mexico, over 9,000ys ago or perhaps even longer. 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Apr 2002, 99 (9) 6080-6084; DOI:10.1073/pnas.052125199

The source of turning corn into hominy is called nixtamalization, and that process traces to present-day Guatemala to about 1500BCE. Dried corn is cooked with hardwood ashes or lime water to break down the shell to release amino acids and vitamin B that would otherwise not be absorbed. Both are important in maintaining optimal health and wellness. Nixtamalization is the hero that Onkwehonwe needed to break down and assist with proper absorption.  

Corn as a staple has become one of the foods our bodies are both genetically and geographically accustomed.  It makes sense  that the benefits of eating traditional foods that can be appropriately stored throughout the year or, better yet, are in season. 

Hollowed log and wooden pestle

In a large pot, you would have to boil the dried corn. After boiling the dried corn in the ash mixture to remove the hulls, you would strain it in a basket, let it dry, and the real work begins. Unless you have a grain mill, you would need to use a corn mortar and pestle to get the flour consistency. The hominy flour is combined with a little water; add in the beans with meat or even berries if that’s your preference, form it and boil it again.

These little pucks of scrum-diddly-umptious goodness are a powerhouse source of energy for Onkwehonwe throughout all life stages. Historically, during the typical day to day activities, the pot would boil over a concisely monitored fire, and clan members would take as needed as long as everyone could get a share. 

The hearty and well-moulded bread makes a perfect for the on-the-go crowd like hunters or gatherers. It makes me think quite honestly that cornbread was also possibly the first “take out” food. 

But that’s for a different reclamation

Lifting our Minds affirmations

Lifting Our Minds Affirmations by Aseshate:ka’te Grief Services & Project Good Minds

Trust Issues with the Town Destroyer

New USofA president Joe Biden and The first “Town destroyer” George Washington

“Indians and wolves are both beasts of prey, tho’ they differ in shape.”

George Washington Aka Ko-no-to-ka-ri-ous

After ushering a new President into the highest political position within the United States of America’s highest office, Onkwehon:we (original people) everywhere took notice that one of his first acts was to cancel the Keystone pipeline’s permits. A sure shot for Joe Biden, who is already making some other beneficial changes for Onkwehonwe. Is this just smoke and mirrors for another four years of finely controlled care measures for Onkwehon:we? 

Why do we care?

Colonists have never separated Wisk Nyonwhenhtsake, nor by the imaginary lines they have drawn on paper;  Rotinonhsonni can only be separated by force from the clay that makes us. That solely rests with Shonkwaya’tison. The President’s colonial laws directly impact our relatives who do remain on their traditional lands. 

Turtle Island

In Kanyen’keha, the term Konotokarious loosely translates to the idea of a Town Eater or Town destroyer. It was less than an endearing name for a particular type of depraved colonizer and mercenary soldier, and the name itself continued to hang on the neck of every president that was elected since that time. Names are given differently among different Onkwehonwe nations or communities, but our names are our inheritance and passed down within the Rotinonhsonni worldview, and we grow into them. 

How we have come to know Konotokarious

The most famous bearer of this name is George Washington, the first president of the United States. George himself inherited the name long before the Sullivan campaign waged against Onkwehon:we. Given to him by Tanaghrisson, a Seneca Royaner, George was not the first to be given that name. Kanotokarious is a variation of an Algonquin word given to John Washington, a great-grandfather of George Washington. 

George Washington family coat of arms with pedigree

When John Washington had murdered five Chiefs from the Sussquenhannock Nation while negotiating peace with the coward, the name came about. In the form fit for only the privileged, he then shifted blame to a mob of “Marylanders” in his account of events for a deposition.  His punishment was a public shaming by Governor William Berkely, a small token that did nothing compared to what he inflicted on the Nations who had weakened after their leaders’ fall. 

“If they had killed by my father and my mother and all my friends, yet if they had come to treat of peace, they ought to have gone in peace.”

 William Berkely

You had me at #LANDBACK.

To strengthen the nation-to-nation relationship while ensuring the right to vote, Biden must first accept and recognize the Onkwehonwe  Declaration of Independence, subsequently offering dual citizenship to those who can obtain dual citizenship. Our two-row binds Rotinosonni, so we would not be eligible for this option. I would be speculating if I said that this is how Joe Biden intended his mandate interpretation. It implies that the American dream is dependent on this new relationship and includes a landmass loss in their countries portfolio.

Photo Credit: Starla Myers

After returning control of our lands to us through his restoration mandate, Onkwehonwe can begin the process of returning to our ancient governance systems in their totality and demonstrate how the entire collective held a place of importance in decision making. We can then restore the health of the land according to our understanding of health.

You lost me at Father.

Biden lost me at his paternalistic perspective in his assertions that he will find solutions to problems created due to colonization. From that point on, he seems inconsistent with wanting to develop any type of real relationship truly. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is a direct result of colonization; I’m not trusting to take food from the same system that over-sexualized our women in the first place.

The same way of thinking is in play when Biden mandates strategies to support our health. Health and wellness are the people’s responsibility; for us as Onkwehon:we  it also falls to us how to determine the methods that we address those elements of our being. Yes, it results from colonization, and Yes, we can use some help but on our terms using our traditional medicines and ceremonies.

Photo by Jimmy Chan on

Campaign Mandates not Promises

It’s up to the people in that ship to hold Biden to his campaign mandates rather than viewing them as just promises that he could break. He should be held to these standards, as should, every inheritor of that name should until they grow out of it. If Joe Biden truly wants to start that growing process, he will want to stop interfering in Onkwehon:we matters. First, he needs to find all the families that his predecessor separated and free all of the Onkwehon: we IN CAGES. 


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