Our Original LandBackers were NationBackers


Have you heard this one before?

Three Mohawks and A Mohican walk into a royal court, and they were made KINGS. They showed up to make sure the Queen was doing right by the Onkwehonwe allies.

Having survived the six to eight-week crossing by ship, The four men would have appeared as beacons of health and strength, the likes that most had never seen. The ensuing fanfare was not enough to allow important matters to be forgotten. 

Entertainment bills in their honour

The Queen Anne War was interfering with Onkwehonwe lands and the Kayanerekowa since her accession to the throne in 1702. It was among many in a series of  “French and British” wars; in all reality, these wars had nothing to do with Onkwehonwe but were merely happening within our territories.

Queen Anne (L), Kwiter (R)

In 1710 the man who arranged the voyage was Kwiter (Peter) Shuyler, The first official mayor of Albany turned Governor of New York and brother to the official “Mohawk” Translator. He was also a military man, having led several earlier notable battles against the French and their Mohawks. 

The Speech written by Mohawks?

To ensure that the spokesmen were equal parts, savage and savant, they were given clothing by a theatrical assistant and offered the finest materials. Royal treatment was bestowed to the guest to ensure success on the British side of the war.

The separation of the Kanienkahaka families as French Allie’s was devastating, and petitions to come home by the Kanyenkahaka families as British Allies caused a great deal of distress for the nation. These efforts further caused tremendous unrest for both warring countries’ statesmen and missionaries alike, who were only vying for territorial assets control. 

With all the pomp, circumstance and grave misinterpretations of language, Onkwehonwe survival in peace has always balanced our exception to war. 

Who are the infamous Tuscaroras still at war with the USA?


In 1703, tensions grew from ratihnaraken encroachment on territory, and It just so happened to be where the Tuscarora lived and thrived for ages untold. According to David Cusick; The Tuscarora crossed a great vine that unfortunately separated them from their family once the crossing became too dangerous.

The boundaries for where the settlers were to remain had started to move, and they were given years of reminders, but it wasn’t until 1711, and the death of a trespasser named John Lawson brought these tensions boiling over. 

The act of war had been deliberated by Clan Mothers, Chiefs and Warriors, and included their relations words. This deliberation went on for nearly a decade before any actions took place in 1711

Even then, it was to only lay waste to any villages of trespassers who had been given ample opportunity to remove themselves from the protected forests and clearings. 

The British historians of the era had wildly exaggerated The loss of life, and the wordsmiths claimed that it was the Tuscarora who had killed many innocent people. In fact, it was the Tuscarora who had suffered greatly at the force of a combined North Carolinian and South Carolinian British militia.

This war and the eventual rape, torture and enslavement of their people may have impacted the visiting Tuscarora’s decision in the 1780s in New York State during the American revolution when they returned home rather than coming to Canada to fight alongside the British. 

Tuscarora of the Carolina’s appoint their representatives to collect lease monies not paid https://blogs.library.duke.edu/bitstreams/2016/02/18/reconnecting-with-our-librarys-past-thanks-to-duke-digital-collections/

In 1803 years after the Tuscarora had reunited with members of their nations who had remained in North Carolina, The Nation set about reminding the USA that despite the efforts to kill them all, They had only missed a few thousand of them. Thus the United States of America rekindled the war on Tuscarora territory.

The few warriors who stayed back with their Seneca cousins in New York would again take up arms, but this time for the United States of America. They would commit a grave act with their services to the United States; The few Tuscarora who remained took up arms against their elder brother nation during the war of 1812.

Tuscarora Reserve in NY state

The 1812 war itself was not in favour or against the Onkwehonwe, and the Oneida bid to remain neutral was observed by the entire confederacy until such time that our peace was broken. While we were never meant to take up arms against each other, The war of 1812 served as a valuable reminder as to why we are not to fight wars for other nations.

Courtesy of T. Locklear Bear Clan, Tuscarora from Drowning Creek, NC

On the other hand, the 1711 North Carolina Tuscarora war has never had peace declared, leaving one to boldly state that they remain the Bad### cousin who survived every attempt to eradicate them and are STILL warriors

Butterflyway & Bee Project



Friends, Sge:no (Hello) 

My name is Shel (Michele) of the Tuscarora Nation. I live in Six Nations, Ontario. I wanted to let you know I’ve joined the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterflyway Project as a volunteer Butterfly Ranger.

The project is a resident-led movement that is creating habitat for local bees and butterflies in communities throughout Canada.

In my role as a Butterflyway Ranger, I am looking for friends and neighbours from Six Nations of the Grand that can help fill our yards with native wildflowers that support pollinating insects.  

My hope is that together we can start small – adding native plants to our gardens and yards this spring – but dream big, with hopes of creating a network of pollinator patches in yards, parks and schools throughout our community.  

Four goals to help pollinators on Six Nations are:

I am currently training to expand my knowledge about native plant gardens & care and their pollinators. I would be happy to provide more information and guidance.

Will you join me in creating a Butterflyway on Six Nations?

Michelle General, Butterfly ranger


I look forward to hearing back from you! If you have any questions or comments, drop them in the comments below and I will get back to you soon. Nya:weh (thank you) for your time.

To learn more about the Butterflyway Project visit: https://davidsuzuki.org/take-action/act-locally/butterflyway/


Shel G

Butterflyway Ranger

The New “Tradish” Council: Part 1



The Canadian Government-appointed Councils became fashionable in 1876 under the reign of Alexander Mackenzie’s Prime Ministership. Only nine years after Canada itself was born, according to their legends, The young Dominion of the Commonwealth of Britain made the daring move to usurp control over Onkwehonwe in the Sewatokwat’shera’t. 

Source: https://ushistoryscene.com/article/usindian-policy/ Common yet false Ideation of the relationship between Colonial Government and their “Indian Question”

The 100,000-year-old ways belonging to the Onkwehonwe civilizations were outdated and were very difficult for the new country to adapt to. They presented significant hurdles according to the colonization schedule; the new Canadian state needed a new and shiny tool that would keep the savages separated from their federal system but would stroke the egos of Onkwehonwe. 

Target: Women

Onkwehonwe women are the life-givers keepers of the Nations’ land while men protect it and the women as they live their roles. Men are not superior or inferior, for that matter. It’s about balancing respectfully within the world that gave Onkwehonwe Women the power of absolute freedom, first documented by Jesuits in the 1600s despite these types of balancing displays having existed for thousands of years.

The Canadian strategy targeted this balance by removing women’s voices from political matters for over 116 years. This strategy effectively removed the unbroken matrilineal bloodlines for millions of women and even forced them out of their community by having male members siding with the young nation. 

Despite being a common practice amongst some onkwehonwe nations, women took men from other nations as partners for as long as we have been here. It was a means to redistribute the gene pool and avoid inbreeding into oblivion properly.

Onkwehonwe women did not get the right to vote equally until 1985, unlike their non-native counterparts, having earned their right in 1916.  Still, many Onkwehonwe do not vote in any federally recognized elections to this day. 

The VOTE out of the canoe

Excerpt of Letter signed Nov 2nd, 1896, by Governor-General John Campbell Hamilton Gordon Signed with a simple “X” by three Indian Warriors and two Chiefs of the Iroquois Confederacy, witnessed by Seth Newhouse.

The 58th Six Nations of the Grand River Election boasted the Highest ever election participant turnout even with the new Canadian guided election code. The recent election code proved to allow discrimination and continued to leave some members out in the community.

Follow for the next article in this series.

Canada condemns China’s genocidal policies; refuses to look in their backyard.


Canada’s attempt to shame China only places the spotlight on its treatment of Onkwehon: we.


While a Canadian House of Commons Subcommittee on International Human Rights refused to acknowledge its acts of genocide towards Onkwehon: we who have existed on these lands for thousands of years.

They had the nerve to release a scathing report on China’s treatment of ethnic Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims. 

The Sub-committee is composed of all three major Canadian political parties. Felt that the list of reports satisfied that the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment met the guidelines of genocide as laid out in the Geneva Convention for genocide prevention signed in 1948 and enacted in 1951.

Source: https://www.un.org/en/genocideprevention/genocide-convention.shtml

Original statement: STATEMENT BY THE SUBCOMMITTEE ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERNING THE HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION OF UYGHURS AND OTHER TURKIC MUSLIMS IN XINJIANG, CHINA  released October 21st, 2020, is now in the spotlight and calls into question the “good guy” persona Canada play on the world stage.

The committee further points out the use of birth control on women of childbearing age while refusing to acknowledge Canada’s Indigenous women’s forced sterilization.

Source: https://nb-social-studies.com/forced-sterilization/wv7qzoyl8t15u1204rih6g21miltoi

In the face of acquittal after the acquittal of the perpetrators of murders of Indigenous people, MMIW, Wellness checks gone wrong, Serial murders going undetected despite mountains of evidence, Apprehension of children from hospital rooms,… Be careful, Canada; your hypocrisy is showing. 

The condemnation of mass incarceration centers for forcible political indoctrination and skills training sound eerily similar to the Canadian Correctional facilities that house staggering amounts of Onkwehon: we more now than any other time in history

Canadian law enforcement officers belonging to the Ontario Provincial Police attempted to remove Onkwehonwe forcefully from a land-back resistance in Ontario, Canada; This happening just before releasing the report.

As a result of this arrest, the Judge presiding over the matter declined to allow an Onondaga man’s participation in a judicial proceeding where he is explicitly named

Photo credit: S.Antone

In a bold move, and with a clear plan to silence and repress not only an Oneida Onkwehonwe media journalist breaking through into mainstream; but the Ontario Provincial Police issued and carried out several warrants for an Independent Mohawk Journalist ironically within their ancestral territory.

And just so we don’t get it twisted as an Onkwehon: we reporter, I condemn all forms of genocide from all settler-colonial states that have interfered with traditional lifeways – from Canada to China and everywhere in between. (Description of writer’s eyes: Glares to the North and South of the Canadian States). 

It looks Like Canada’s Dirty secrets are about to hit the World Stage. 

PDQ(Pretty Darn Quick): DOD (Doctrine of Discovery)

Inter Caetera or Doctrine of discovery cir 1493

What is the low-down on the Doctrine of Discovery as it affects Onkwehonwe on this continent?

Popular thought shows that this single document written by a less than enlightened pope gave explorers the exclusive right to rape, burn, and murder any Onkwehonwe on land uninhabited by Christians and then claim it as their own. 

First, we need to stop thinking of the Spaniards as the first visitors seriously. Leif Ericcson visited 500 years prior and didn’t think he owned the place, and science suggests that some of them even fathered a few of our favourite Onkwehonwe redheads. Why did the Church paint them as “savages,” and they didn’t even wreck the place?  Sound familiar?

Excited to see land?

The Doctrine was written in 1493, a year after Christopher Columbus landed on the Caribbean island. The local Onkwehonwe called Guanahani and renamed it “San Salvadore,” which translates to “Saint Saviour.”  The name itself sounds like the man was lost, as he was just happy to see land again. I’ve done the same when I have been too proud to admit that I was lost and didn’t recognize the locals. If he was lost and thought he was in India like history books claim, Why would we not believe that the DOD doesn’t apply here? Simple… Because someone told us it does, and we believed the wrong set of facts!

Rod B

By all accounts, Pope Alexander IV (AKA Rodrigo Borgia) from the House of Borgias was the recipient of the heavenly words found in the DOD, having them whispered in his ear shortly before May 4th, the year of their lord 1493. It was originally called “Inter Caetera” and gave exclusive rights to only the area covered by their lost brethren the year before, give or take a few thousand miles.

It established a demarcation line one hundred leagues west of the Azores and Cape Verde Islands and assigned Spain the exclusive right to acquire territorial possessions and trade in all lands west of that line.

Collected from: https://www.mapsofworld.com/cape-verde/cape-verde-location-map.html

The problem with the theory that the DOD is valid is the abundance of credit offered to Rodrigo in having the foresight to predict that his boatman knew where he was going, and he didn’t. Let us not be too hard on the guy; he had only been Pope for nine months before he declared this papal bull.

Granted, this pope was afforded special privileges such as having intimate partners, fathering children and even having access to fortunes. This was when men could buy the papal pulpit with popularity and close connections; however, this does not demonstrate “godliness” but rather a greediness.

Rodrigo is said to have made several self-serving papal bulls, including two that allow his son Cesare to accept responsibility for fathering his sister Lucrezia’s baby and another where he himself claims him. I am certainly not suggesting incest but rather creative political parenting.

More than anything, this questionable period and questionable papal bull leave one with yet another question…

“How can one make rules if he does not follow those set out for him by his Lord?” Is thou privileged?

Duncan Campbell Scott: Racial Hygienist and Poet du Jour


But who was the man behind the misunderstood Canadian genocide?

DCS (Duncan Campbell Scott) is romanticized as a “man of his day” from a bygone era amongst many academics.  One who couldn’t have possibly understood and been aware enough to control his passive homicidal tendencies; DCS is also not surprisingly still considered in Canadian literary circles as one of the highly regarded Confederation poets. To this day, he holds a place as a fellow of The Royal Society of Canada. He remains a National Historic Person whose best-known claim of importance is to a poetry group and an “education advocate.”

The Forsaken: a poem of a man watching an onkwehonwe woman fight for survival, most likely while he ate tea and crumpets close by. Reminiscent of National Geographic films of nature

Born in 1862 to a Methodist minister father and a French mother, DCS was by all accounts was not of any particular interest in stature or considerable intelligence. Education was geared towards natural ability during this time, and DCS did not exceed any bare minimum standards of the time.

The assertion that his family was too poor to send him to medical school preposterous given that the lad had been educated at the prestigious Stanstead College private boarding school. 

DCS Humble abode in Ottawa that was built for his family

The fact of the matter is that he quite simply did not have the intelligence in academia to attend medical school. This made DCS ineligible to pursue his dreams of practicing medicine as we understand the capabilities of sociopaths working in medicine; however, that only placed his focus on Onkwehonwe affairs.

One can only imagine what he thought about Kahkewaquonaby and Oronhyatekha Who were the first two Onkwehonwe medical doctors having received their credentials through the University of Toronto in 1866 and 1867 (only months apart) based on their academic ability? 

Dr Edmund Jones Left & Dr Peter Martin Right

Instead, DCS joined the civil service and became a copying clerk for The Department of Indian affairs at the tender age of 17, earning 1.50 a day. This was not luck but rather his father calling in a favour to an equally horrific friend John MacDonald. This friendship of his father has helped seal DCS forever in the annals of Canada’s extermination initiative. 

DCS prior to 1898 sometime

Canadian history paints him as an unfortunate struggling scholar gifted in music and arts, but  DCS is well known in the memory of Onkwehonwe as one of the most prolific perpetrators of colonial genocide. His Prose was less than average, certainly not one that evokes anything other than to serve as a reminder of his deeds.

Duncan himself proposed and approved the Indian act legislation that banned our ancestors from hiring lawyers in 1924 to defend land claims. 

It wasn’t a coincidence that this was the same year that the RCMP strolled into the quiet village of Ohsweken with their guns with lust for our freedom and land.

Shotgun legislation, Wild Wild West style

If anything, we can call DCS a Serial Killer by proxy for the unimaginable amount of children that simply disappeared or, worse yet, those whose deaths were dismissed as accidental on the notices their parents received via post from the residential schools

For the Parents that refused children to be treated in any way by the colonial hospitals or health care providers, Well DCS had a solution for that too, One which Canada attempted to hide. Onkwehonwe traditional medicines were dismissed without regard

With the whim of a pen DCS removed even more children

Not quite the same

DCS was never able to earn his dream of obtaining his doctorate; however, in 1922, through the University of Toronto, he was given an honorary doctorate of letters; The same university that two Onkwehonwe doctors earned their doctorates from almost sixty years previously.

We will forever know him as  Canada’s racial hygenist as they continue to honour him as their poet.


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