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It isn’t enough to acknowledge that generational trauma exists. We should be examining how it often guides the actions of those who experience it. Generational trauma needs to be accepted and treated just like any other health condition with its signs and symptoms, especially amongst Onkwehonwe community members. 

This is precisely why Matthew Whitlow created Mind-Body-Whole. Matthew himself admits that he has struggled with addictions for half of his life and hasn’t always been the person he wanted to be. A father and grandfather now, Matt chooses to appreciate life and learn how to heal and move forward. 

In 2016, Matthew was with his close friend Johnathan Styres when John died during an alleged auto theft. It changed everything for Matthew, including pushing him into his first step of recovery. 

August 18th, Matthew will be running our roads to share a message of empowerment and honouring his friend who never had the chance to choose to turn his life around.

Matt knows It’s not going to be easy, and rediscovering the connections within Onkwehonweneha is key to our survival; it must be available to our entire population.

If you would like to participate or support, contact MBWrecovery@gmail.com or contact directly at 905-517-0383 for August 18th or if you are interested in recovery support through a holistic approach.