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A Call For Accountability


A devastating and senseless tragedy has occurred within the Ohsweken community. On August 11th, a young Rotinonsyonni mother of five lost her life due to injuries sustained on August 4th, allegedly resulting from intimate partner violence, commonly known as domestic violence.

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This tragic event has prompted community members to unite and demand an end to domestic violence, especially against women. Despite extensive awareness campaigns for missing and murdered indigenous women, acts of violence like the one committed against Jocelyn Greene continue to happen far too frequently within Onkwehonwe communities.

We Have The Power To Stop These Cycles

It is disheartening to see individuals protecting perpetrators and disregarding the safety of victims and other community members. Such actions perpetuate a cycle of violence and hinder progress toward a safer community. It is essential that all women, regardless of personal feelings, are included in efforts aimed at raising awareness and promoting change within the community. 

We must recognize that domestic violence is unacceptable, regardless of the perpetrator’s identity. Shockingly, over the weekend of August 12th and 13th, emergency services received two calls classified as domestic disturbances, leading this reporter to believe that the issue is more widespread than commonly known.

Ignoring The Problem is a Problem

Even with murder, rape, and brutal assaults shaking the community, an unsettling attitude toward violence against women still appears. Specific community sectors seem to accept this behaviour and look the other way.

The community must come together and confront these issues directly. Holding the community responsible for preventing domestic violence and supporting survivors is a crucial step. Each individual has a role in combating such incidents and creating an environment prioritizing safety and well-being.

Whether it involves refraining from bailing out perpetrators or implementing grassroots policies that force change, these actions can send a powerful message against domestic violence perpetrators and demonstrate support for survivors and affected individuals.

Backing The Victims

While it is important to remember that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, it is equally important to acknowledge the seriousness of the alleged crime. Taking a caring and compassionate approach that prioritizes the victim and their loved ones is necessary.

By uniting against violence, the community can deliver a strong message that violence has no place in our society. By working together, we can establish a safer and more compassionate community, empowering survivors and refusing to tolerate violence.

Peace Is A Treaty Right

If members of Onkwehonwe cannot cease harming each other, perhaps it is time to enforce a component of the Treaty of Niagara whereby the most egregious acts become the responsibility of Canada, and the perpetrators become Canadian citizens.