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The Ideological Colonization of Rotiskenrakehte misinterpreted as the “Warrior,” has contributed to diminishing the responsibility of these Nation members and reducing their role into trouble makers existing on the fringe of our society. It also entirely dismisses a closely related spiritual responsibility referred to as Oyenko:ohntoh.

Rotiskenrakehte describes a state of being and mindset conceptually translated as the men who carry the burden of their ancestors, referring to what we are made of. Oyenko:ohton, on the other hand, exists in a constant state of awareness of responsibility conceptually translated to those who hang/care/prepare the tobacco in conjunction with an established relationship that is often hidden or unseen.

“Rotiskenhraketakwa are like conscript fighters, men who would normally not be fighting except when conscripted to defend the peace, Oyenko:ohntoh are more akin to the Japanese samurai. One of our more sacred protection medicines is tobacco, oyenkwehonwe, and in the old days, it was cured by hanging it up in the rafters of the longhouse, arhenton, “in the shadows.” Thus, hanging tobacco in the longhouse rafters protects the house. Oyenko:ohntoh are not conscripts but sacred protectors; they are anonymous shadow warriors in a secret society whose duty it is to protect the house.”


The Oyenko:ohntoh carried strong medicine such as Oyenkwehonwe that contributed to the greater good behind the scenes without calling attention unless compromised. It is associated with a broader thought pattern that sees a contemplation of every action of everyday life and not while just engaging in the matters that lead to disagreeableness. 

Neither is a hive-minded arrangement but one most closely related to trees. Together to support but still be responsible for one’s actions.

The violent warrior was created as a symbol based on misunderstanding and fear of the first settlers and passed down as their version of generational inheritance. Now it is interfering with the related concepts and responsibilities.

We all have responsibilities within our nations; Rotiskenrakehte and Oyenko:ohntoh are just a few concepts requiring increased understanding.