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Notes of a Traveller: The Road Less Traveled!

Chimney swifts

If you know me well, you know, I like to make analogies of the things I see. 

I stopped to take a break from travelling at one of my favourite spots by the river. I noticed that the barn swallows that nest under the bridge have returned, along with the chimney swifts—incredible little birds. I sat watching them come back and forth from their little mud nests high up on the underside of the bridge.

Barn Swallow

A great blue heron flew by a while later, and the giant bird made the swallows look like mosquitoes; such a big impressive bird can’t help but take our attention away from the little swallows,  like eagles and sparrows.

 Blue Heron

Anyways, the heron had passed, and my attention was back on the swallows; I noticed how colourful, fast and agile they are in the air compared to the lumbering heron.

The heron is large, solid and impressive, but the swallows are colourful, speedy and agile. We all have our purpose, some better suited to one thing than others. The moral of the story is we’re all unique, and No one person is better than the next. Try not to focus on what others are better at than you are; jealousy serves none. Appreciate your worth because that person might be thinking the same about you.

 Fish will always be seen as incapable when we compare them to a squirrel in a tree-climbing contest.

Curated with permission from: Alex Dunsby Fraser