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Ruthven and Various land grants, the total land lost amounted to up to 900,000 acres.


As told By Jim Hutton

As the crown sold off farms, any money paid to the NDN Affairs Office was hoarded, stolen, squandered, borrowed, and fraudulently invested in a conspiracy involving the Grand River Navigation Company.  

Just one example, Six Nations were MANIPULATED into owning 75% of this company, which NEVER SHOWED ANY PROFIT BEFORE OR AFTER, and with only 1 NDN on the board of directors. It floundered when the railway arrived in 1855 and went bankrupt.

THE CO-OWNER who sold his shares WAS THE NDN AFFAIRS AGENT for Six Nations and the ELECTED MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT FOR HALDIMAND COUNTY in the Upper Canada legislature at Queen’s Park in Toronto.

HE BUILT A MANSION ON 1,500 ACRES near Cayuga with the loot he had and named it RUTHVEN; HIS NAME WAS Colonel David Thompson of the War of 1812.  THE OTHER CO-OWNER, Wm Hamilton Merritt, HAD HELD BOTH HIGH RANKING POSITIONS BEFORE HIM and somehow transferred power to his partner when accused of financial crimes while in office. 

Welland Canal

The pair had previously built the Welland Canal together, flooding many acres of Six Nations Land in the Dunnville area when a canal and dam were built to supply extra water to the Welland Canal lock system. 

That dam ended up being the first dam used and others upstream to create the Grand River Navigation Company canal and lock system, which began transporting goods and settlers along the Grand River, CREATING A MASS INFLUX OF IMMIGRATION TO THE HALDIMAND TRACT along the Grand River beginning in the 1830s.

Colonel David Thompson probably promoted the railroad’s coming as the representative for Haldimand County. His insider information would have convinced him to dump his shares and co-owners shares of the GRNC by coercing Six Nations’ purchase of the 75% ownership in it. 

The conspiracy becomes clear to anyone who learns this hidden history of deceit and duress. It is no wonder the land along the Haldimand Tract is called stolen land, as Six Nations have never received payment, and so, it’s all NDN LAND!