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Trash Talk


When the snow melted away a few weeks ago, you got an opportunity to view the problems with small load dumping, animal carcass dumping, and even the fast-food packaging accumulated along the ditches and shoulders.  

While this is not a problem exclusive to the Tract, nor the Grand River, This is where this particular story is taking place. 

Christian Giles Photo Credit Yakowennahskats

29-year-old Christian Giles, accompanied by his mother, took the opportunity to tackle the trash head-on on his day off.  He had already filled four trash bags when I caught up to him on Newport road in Brant county.

He was very humble and wasn’t doing this for accolades or attention. Giles reports this isn’t the first time he has taken on this task, but also, it is something that he just decided to do. 

In a world where people often say that they don’t have the time, It was refreshing to meet someone who made the time to clean our Mother Earth. 

Nya:wen Christian

Grand River