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Call for Support for Local Group


Allies of Onkwehonwe

The grassroots group, “Allies of Onkwehonwe,” collaborates with minds and spirits that seek to raise awareness of environmental and Onkwehonwe issues. The group has members from both Six Nations and surrounding communities. 

Members have a passion for the environment and support the Kuswenta, and it is these two principles that are behind the group’s latest endeavour. The Allies of Onkwehonwe are invited to attend the Eviction Anniversary and Annual Call to Shut Down Line 5 Event held in Mackinaw City, MI. 

More Harm Than Good

The event itself raises awareness of the ageing pipeline owned and operated by Enbridge. They have been notorious sources of leaks and significant destructions of the Michigan watershed and giving way to the cause for alarm shown their harmful Track Record

Line 5 pipeline serves the Canadian markets but takes a shortcut through Michigan. The Canadian multinational company continues to attempt to force their other pipeline, Line 3, through critical drinking water routes. 

Water Ways

This isn’t the first time Allies of Onkwehonwe has shown support for MackinawOde. At the same time, they hosted their annual Pipe Out Paddle up Flotilla in the Mackinaw straight; the Allies of Onkwehonwe hosted a similar event along our beloved Grand River with education, speakers, and a silent auction and a donation only lunch.  

“This is a great opportunity to solidify a working partnership with other water protectors surrounding the Great Lakes and continue to work in the spirit of the Two Row Wampum. In addition, we hope to gain tremendous first-hand knowledge from these incredible water defenders so that we can support them in their fight against Enbridge and use those lessons to stand against them at home.”

~Allies of Onkwehonwe

Follow their Facebook page @Allies of Onkwehonwe or Email sorcja@hotmail.com to find out how you can support this fantastic opportunity.